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Livestock & Natural Resources

Grace Woodmansee


As the Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor for Siskiyou County Cooperative Extension, my main goal is to support ranchers and grazing lands by providing relevant, science-based management information. Ranchers play an important role in supporting the ecological health of our working landscapes and, in turn, the health of rural communities.

Cooperative Extension is a branch of the land grant university system that connects campus-based research to local farmers and ranchers. As an Advisor, my job is to be a conduit of information; I work with researchers to connect the most current, science-based production information to ranchers and, equally importantly, I help make sure that the priorities of ranchers are known to researchers and policy makers. We also conduct our own research at the county level to specifically address local needs, questions, and concerns, and often partner with other agencies in the county to collaborate on those projects. Outreach events are also an important part of extension- I organize workshops, tours, and events for ranchers and other natural resource managers.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have- you're always welcome to stop by the UCCE Siskiyou office located at 1655 S. Main Street in Yreka. 

Grace Woodmansee

Livestock & Natural Resource Advisor

gwoodmansee@ucanr.edu | 530-842-2711

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