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Field Crop Notes

A periodic newsletter for Siskiyou County growers

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2021 Summer Newsletter
  • How to cope with the drought?
    • Tips for maximizing water use efficiency
  • Should alfalfa be irrigated after it goes dormant?
  • What about irrigating grass pastures in fall?
  • Maximizing forage production during drought
  • Irrigation Efficiency
  • Alternative Crop
PDF 8/19/21
Intermountain UCCE Research Updates

Newsletter #1 Topics

  • Blue Alfalfa Aphid
  • The Continued Saga of Injury RR Alfalfa Following Applications
  • Recent Weed Control Trials in Alfalfa
  • Is Irrigation Alfalfa After Last Cutting a Good Idea
  • Tips for Maximizing Grain Yields
  • Livestock Mortality Composting
PDF 11/18/20
Summer 2020
  • Hot Topics
    • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Research Updates
    • Scott Valley Alfalfa Variety Trial
    • Canada Thistle Biological Control
  • Drought
  • Announcements
PDF 9/29/20
Spring 2020
  • Announcements
  • Hot Topics
    • Aphids
    • Marlahan mustard or Dyer's woad
    • Drought
  • Research Updates
    • 2020 Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in small grains
    • Scott Valley Alfalfa Variety Trial
  • Future Research
    • MESA/LESA/MDI irrigation systems
  • Social Media
  • New Siskiyou County Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor
PDF 7/17/20
Winter 2020
  • Greetings from the Siskiyou County Agronomy Advisor
  • Research Updates
  • Scott Valley Alfalfa Variety Trial
  • New Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor
  • Looking for Collaborator
PDF 3/10/20
Fall 2016

-Fall is a Good Time to Think about Weed Control

-Forage and Grain Winter Cereal Yield under "Dryland" Conditions

-Winter Wheat Results

-California Alfalfa Symposium in Reno, NV (Nov 29- Dec 1)

PDF 10/25/16
Spring 2014 Issue

-  Check the Soil pH Before Planting Alfalfa

-  Alfalfa Variety Selection and Trial Results

-  Getting the Most Out of Sprinkler Irrigation

-  Getting the Most Out of Fertilizer and Pesticides during Drought

PDF 4/24/14
Fall 2013

Siskiyou County UC Cooperative Extension Office Update


Fall Management of Pastures and Grass Hay Fields in Drought Years


Cereal leaf beetle found in Klamath Basin: Will it affect your operation?


Tips for Controlling Thistles


Foothill Abortion Vaccine Status Update


Winter Wheat Variety Results


Dramatic Increase in Hay Exports


PDF 2/24/14
Do Four Cuttings of Alfalfa Use More Water than Three? DOC 8/21/13
Fall 2012

-Fall Irrigation of Forages—is late season irrigation necessary?

-The 2012 California Alfalfa and Grains Symposium

-Winter Wheat Variety Results

-Alfalfa Production Costs

-Fall Management of Irrigated Pastures and Grass Hay Fields

PDF 9/26/12
Spring 2012

-Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Practices on Spring Wheat Protein Content
-Late-Season Nitrogen Application Timing and Fertilizer Source
-Alfalfa Seeding Rates
-Alfalfa Variety Selection

PDF 4/4/12
Spring 2011 -Which Should You Use: Urea or ammonium sulfate? -Comparison of Small Grain Hay Varieties -Another Bad Stem Nematode Year -Is Roundup Ready Alfalfa Higher or Lower Yielding than Conventional Alfalfa? PDF 4/13/11
Spring 2010 Alfalfa Variety Selection Gopher Control Strategies for Farming with Limited Water Life's too short-put that cell phone down PDF 4/8/10
Fall 2009 -Fall Irrigation of Forages?-Generally- it's not needed -Winter Wheat Results -Improving your Odds of Porfitability, theme of Multi-state Western Alfalfa and Forage Conference -2009 Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference-Schedule/Registration PDF 10/9/09
Spring 2009 -Spring Farming Tips in a Drought Year -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Getting the Most Out of a Glyphosate (Roundup) Application -How Much Nitrogen Fertilizer Should You Apply to Your Spring Cereal Crop? PDF 3/26/09
Spring 2008 -Skyrocketing Fertilizer Costs -Dyer's Woad (Marlahan Mustard) -Spring Irrigation Suggestions PDF 7/30/09
Winter 2008 -The Latest of Yellow Starthistle and Fiddleneck Control -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Tips for Dealing with Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices -Does it Pay to Fertilize Perennial Grass Hay with High Nitrogen Fertilizer Prices? PDF 3/6/08
Spring 2007 - Basics of Organic Crop Production - Economics of Nitrogen Fertilization of Grass Hay - Now is the Time for Yellow Starthistle Control - Update on Roundup Ready Alfalfa: Court Ruling, Initial Field Experience, and RR Varieties PDF 3/13/08
Fall 2006 -Upcoming Meetings -New Tool for Controlling Thistles -Fall Fertilization of Alfalfa PDF 9/9/09
Spring 2006 -Those round spots that aren't growing in your alfalfa- Stem Nematode? -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Late Spring Forage Planting: What should I plant? -When to Treat for Weevils PDF 8/3/11
Fall 2005 -Triticale Variety Selection -Winter Cereal Results- Barley, Wheat, Herbicide-Resistant Wheat, and Triticale -California Alfalfa Symposium Program PDF 7/1/08
Summer 2005 -Invasion of the Armyworms -Roundup Ready Alfalfa Approved -Regulatory Compliance Education Project PDF 8/3/11
Spring 2005 -Saving Seed: Past, Present and Future (Is it Legal? Is it Wise?) -Alfalfa Weevil Season Approaching: Discussion of Preliminary Data -Alfalfa Market Update for 2005 -Even with Record High Fertilizer Prices- You Cannot Afford to Skimp on Fertilizer PDF 10/2/08
Summer 2004 -Pigweed and Lambsquarters in Established Alfalfa -Alfalfa Hay Market Update -Field Day in Tulelake Focuses on Irrigation Management (July 29, 2004) -Predicting Dew Point Temperature for Baling PDF 8/3/11
March 2003 Funding Available for Water Conservation Improvements Pasture Fertilization Suggestion Controlling Puncturvine (AKA Goatheads) Alfalfa Variety Trial Results from Scott Valley and Tulelake Proposed UC Budget Cuts PDF 3/13/08
Summer 2002 Forage Field Day - Tulelake Noxious Weed Free Forage & Mulch Program New Products Registered-Raptor & Steward Alfalfa Acreage & Price Triticale - Time to plant PDF 2/4/08
Spring 2002 Alfalfa Cost Studies Raptor Registration Bad Weevil Year Control Yellow Starthistle PDF 2/12/09
Fall 2001 Still time to plant winter grasses Using the Internet Fly Ash for Ag use Alfalfa Sumposium PDF 10/29/08