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What is Cooperative Extension?

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) is your connection to the research, information, and expertise of the University of California in your own community.

The University of California, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Siskiyou County government provide joint funding for this “cooperative” venture. Additional funding from grants allows us to target programs to the specific needs of Siskiyou County citizens.

We play an active role in our community by:

  • Bringing up-to-date research-based information on the agricultural commodities grown here in Siskiyou County to producers through the expertise of local UC professionals.

  • Working with youth to provide them with the knowledge and skills to become responsible, self-directed and productive people.

  • Providing information and outreach to the people of Siskiyou County in general interest areas that include gardening, pest control, and backyard animals.

  • Developing research-based solutions to local problems. 

Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Farm Advisor develops programs for growers of the primary crops produced in Siskiyou County including alfalfa, pasture, other forage crops, small grains, and fruit crops. Our aim is to improve the overall profitability of farming operations in the county, while minimizing any negative impact these practices may have on the environment. Our research and educational activities cover a broad range of issues including variety selection, plant nutrition, pest control, irrigation management, improvement of water-use-efficiency, noxious weed control, and general crop management.

Producers and industry professionals can get the latest information on crop production and pest control strategies through research-based information developed in cooperation with growers, University research station staff and specialists through our newsletters and publications, field days, and personal contacts.

Livestock and Natural Resources

The livestock production advisor conducts research and education to assist local producers in maintaining this important economic sector of our economy while conserving and enhancing the natural resources that make Siskiyou County a place we all enjoy. Our program goals are to assist producers in the production and marketing of livestock products in an increasingly global marketplace and to provide the nation with a safe, reliable, beef supply while preserving and protecting the resources, customs, culture, and viability of local individuals.

The impact of production on the environment is a key consideration – we look at the ramifications of livestock production on water quantity and quality, vegetation, fish, wildlife, and local customs and culture.

We work cooperatively local producers, industry personnel, UC researchers, and agencies to solve local problems. Understanding local conditions helps us adapt new knowledge in production areas such as genetics, nutrition, animal health, feed production, and marketing to information that local producers can use.


The 4-H Youth Development Program helps the diverse young people of Siskiyou County discover and develop their potential and grow into competent, contributing, and caring citizens. Through hands-on learning activities, youth-adult partnerships, and research-based educational programs our young people enhance their leadership activities and develop a wide range of life skills so they can reach their fullest potential.

This non-formal educational program engages approximately 186 families this year in our county through 10 local clubs.  Siskiyou County adult volunteers are involved in the program assisting our youth in a wide array of learning experiences. These trained community volunteers are crucial to the program’s success.

Get involved! We are always looking for youth members and adult volunteers – contact us to find out how you can make a difference!

Forestry and Natural Resources

The forestry advisor works with private forest landowners, registered professional foresters, agencies, and forest industry personnel by:

  • Increasing awareness by providing science-based information and recommendations that will result in a better understanding of forest resource management focusing on sustainability and sound stewardship.

  • Conducting applied research in cooperation with landowners, managers, and University of California personnel to develop solutions that lead to improved and more sustainable forest management practices.

  • Identifying issues of potential importance to the owners and managers of forestlands to assess their probable impacts and seek solutions. 


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