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Siskiyou Stockman Summer 2019 (758KB)

In This Issue

  • Annual Cattlemen's Tour August 24th
  • Livestock and Greenhouse Gasses
  • Farewell
  • Congratulations to Scholarship Recipients
PDF 7/16/19
The California Cattle Council SCCA BBQ (533KB)

Join the California Cattlemen's Association on March 2nd and learn about the California Cattle Council Referendum and how you will make a difference by voting Yes, and returning your ballot during the voting window.

Please RSVP by 2/26 via email to or by calling

Katie at the CCA office at (916) 444-0845.


PDF 2/13/19
Spring 2018 (751KB)
  • Current Events & Dates to Remember
  • Value-Added Marketing
  • Steps to take when you have a suspected wildlife livestock depredation
  • SB88 Water Monitoring/Reporting FAQ
PDF 6/29/18
Spring 2017 (737KB)
  • Animal Health Pie Meeting Recap
  • Livestock and Climate Change
  • Are we driving the light birthweight trend to far?
  • High Occurrence of Bur Buttercup
  • Current and Upcoming Events
PDF 4/26/17
Fall 2016 (854KB)

-Red Books Now Available

-UCCE Advisor Update

-California Cattlemen's Convention

-Considerations for Storing and Feeding Rained on Hay

-Methods of Selenium Supplement and Associated Weight Gains in Beef Cattle

-Wolves, Livestock and People: Workshops in California and Oregon

PDF 11/3/16
Summer 2016 (1,154KB)

-Annual Cattlemen's Tour

-Plant Toxicity : Are Your Livestock Safe?

-Pink Eye: Prevention is Key

-Cost Share Programs: Are You Missing Out?

PDF 8/9/16
April 2016 (676KB)

-New Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor

-Update:  Foothill Abortion Vaccine Progress

-Yellow Starthistle Management

-Wolf Update

PDF 4/15/16
June 2013 (147KB)

-Thirty-five years of cooperation: A two way street

PDF 6/12/13
The Unintended Consequences (336KB) PDF 8/22/12
Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits (394KB)

Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits
(Presented at Feb 23rd Cattle Health Meeting in Montague; Feb 24th in Cottonwood; February 25th in Eureka)

PDF 2/22/12
Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits (394KB)

Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits
(Presented at Feb 23rd Cattle Health Meeting in Montague; Feb 24th in Cottonwood; February 25th in Eureka )

PDF 2/22/12
August 2011 (393KB)

-Crossbreeding In Two Easy Steps
-Cattle Tour (Dorris)

PDF 8/10/11
February 2011 -Pinkeye -Improved Cattle Performance and Capturing Financial Rewards PDF 2/16/11
November 2010 -New Cooperative Extension Office Hours -Coping with Constraints: Crossbreeding -Coping with Constraints: Cow Size -Red Books Available -Upcoming Meetings PDF 10/20/10
October 2009 -Cow body condition critical for reproductive performance -The cost of keeping it simple -Upcoming meetings PDF 11/13/09
July 2009 -Highlights from the Beef Improvement Federation Symposium -Carcass data for beef, sheep and swine at fair -Australian scientist to discuss drought management and cattle growth -Drought or limited irrigation and early weaning PDF 11/13/09
Australian scientist to discuss drought management Australian scientist to discuss drought management PDF 9/4/09
March 2009 -Cattle Improvement Symposium PDF 3/26/09
October 2008 -Smaller cows or fewer cows? -Upcoming meetings and events -Redbooks available PDF 10/17/08
July 2008 -Unprecendented Change, New Challenges and Opportunities -Beef Quality Assurance PDF 11/13/09
March 2008 -EPD Accuracy -Cattle Health Meeting PDF 2/28/08
January 2008 -Sire Selection- Determining Goals & Beginning Preparation for Purchases -Cattle Health Meeting -Succession Planning for Ranching Families PDF 12/17/08
November 2007 -Carcass EPD Comparisons Across Breeds -Grass Fed Beef Standards -Prime, Choice and Select Spread -New Trichomonosis Laws in California PDF 9/1/08
September 2007 -Implications of Postweaning Nutrition on Carcass Characteristics and Feed Costs -Red Books Available -Sire Selection Symposium PDF 7/30/08
January 2007 •Fall 2008 •Spring grazing of triticale •Buying heifer bulls •Cloning PDF 1/13/08
December 2006 •Individual Animal Identification •Selenium Deficiency •Feeder Sale •Red Books PDF 12/20/07
November 2006 -Feed Price Evaluations -Temperament of Cattle -Beef Quality Audit -Upcoming Meetings PDF 8/3/11
August 2006 -Cattle Tour -Animal ID Update -Youth Beef Carcass Awards PDF 1/3/08
June 2006 -Branded Beef -Premise IDs -Fly Control -Prepare Now for Spring 2007 Feed -Potpourri (Cattle Conformation; Fertilizing; Bedding for Steers) PDF 8/3/11
December 2005 -Premise ID Numbers -Adapting to Change -Seasonal Practices -Special Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 3/6/09
November 2005 -Alphabet Soup- Chicken Soup for the Beef Industry? -Premise IDs -Seasonal Chores -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2005 -Public Meeting on Draft Staff Report for the Scott River Watershed Sediment and Temperature Total Maximum Daily Loads -Artificial Insemination Symposium -Siskiyou County Cattlemen's Fall Meeting -Seasonal Activities -Red Books Available PDF 1/13/08
September 2005 -Artificial Insemination and Reproduction Symposium -Raising Replacement Heifers -Enhancing Marbling Potential -Cow Longevity -Feed Efficieny PDF 8/3/11
October 2004 -New Products May Rely on Production Verification -Special Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
December 2003 -What's most important? -New EPD's -Non-Irrigated Grasses -Re-Certification for Beef Quality Assurance -Ranch Water Quality Plan Short Course -Cattlemen's Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2003 -Bull Effectiveness -FAA- New fertility test for bulls -Non-irrigated Grasses -Fall Dinner Program -Carcass Quality Genetic Tests PDF 8/3/11
March 2003 Triticale Grazing Management Research Results of Simulated Spring Grazing of Triticale County of Origin Labeling-COOL Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2002 Dryland Triticale & Triticale Seed Costs Brand Inspectors Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference Rice Straw Still Works Special Feeder Sale PDF 3/19/09
January 2002 Ranch Plans for Improving Water Quality Workshop Timely Topics Red Books Available Calendar PDF 6/12/08
June 2002 Pinkeye Therapy for Cattle Grazing Management Pays Big Dividends Calendar PDF 6/21/09
May 2002 Fly Control Calendar PDF 8/3/11
December 2001 Crossbreeding: How Much Are You Missing? PDF 7/22/10
October 2001 Will more water in the river improve temperature conditions for cold water fish? PDF 1/2/08
August 2001 Drought Continues Siskiyou Select Multi-Breed Bull Sale Cattle Tour 2001 PDF 12/5/07
May 2001 PDF 12/1/08
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