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A periodic newsletter for Siskiyou Livestock Producers

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Pest Management Seminar

Date:       Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Location:  Miner's Inn Convention Center

               122 East Miner St., Yreka, CA

Cost:        Free to the public

Time:       8:00am - 5:00pm

PDF 11/22/17
Succession Planning Workshop


December 8th, 2017

10:00am-4:00pm at the Miners Inn (122 E Miner St, Yreka 96097)

We would like to invite you to join our sponsors the University of California Cooperative Extension, Siskiyou Co. Farm Bureau, Siskiyou Co. Cattle Women and Cattlemen and the California Cattlemen’s Association for an informative Succession Planning Workshop with Karl Bareither. Hear and learn about a California Ranchers inheritance tax and succession story. There is no cost for attending and LUNCH will be provided. Please RSVP to (530) 842-2711 or

PDF 11/16/17
2017 Cattlemen's Tour August 26

We would like to cordially invite you to the 2017 Cattlemen's Tour hosted by the University of California Cooperative Extension and the Siskiyou County Cattlemen.

  • August 26 from 9:00 - 3:00
  • Facility Tour
  • Lunch Provided by Siskiyou County Cattlemen and CattleWomen
PDF 7/25/17
Riparian Weed Management Workshop & Site Visits
  • June 7th at 9:00-3:30
  • Miners Inn Yreka
  • Lunch Provided
  • RSVP 530-842-2711 or by June 1st.
PDF 5/3/17
Spring 2017
  • Animal Health Pie Meeting Recap
  • Livestock and Climate Change
  • Are we driving the light birthweight trend to far?
  • High Occurrence of Bur Buttercup
  • Current and Upcoming Events
PDF 4/26/17
Cattle Health Meeting

-Economic Outlook of the Beef Industry (Tina Saitone)

-4-H/FFA Infectious Diseases (4-H and FFA youth)

-Beef Cattle Contribution to Climate Change : "The Real Science" (Frank Mitloehner)

-Rancher to Rancher panel discussion: Vaccine Protocols

-AB 27 Update: Use of Microbial Antibiotics (Carissa Koopmann Rivers)

PDF 1/12/17
Fall 2016

-Red Books Now Available

-UCCE Advisor Update

-California Cattlemen's Convention

-Considerations for Storing and Feeding Rained on Hay

-Methods of Selenium Supplement and Associated Weight Gains in Beef Cattle

-Wolves, Livestock and People: Workshops in California and Oregon

PDF 11/3/16
Summer 2016

-Annual Cattlemen's Tour

-Plant Toxicity : Are Your Livestock Safe?

-Pink Eye: Prevention is Key

-Cost Share Programs: Are You Missing Out?

PDF 8/9/16
April 2016

-New Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor

-Update:  Foothill Abortion Vaccine Progress

-Yellow Starthistle Management

-Wolf Update

PDF 4/15/16
Schedule for Cattle Health Meeting PDF 1/28/16
Cattle Health Meeting

-Schedule for Cattle Health Meeting

PDF 2/5/14
June 2013

-Thirty-five years of cooperation: A two way street

PDF 6/12/13
Cattle Health Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Cattle Health meeting presented by UC Cooperative Extension, the Siskiyou County Cattlemen’s Association and Siskiyou County CattleWomen.  The meeting is on THURSDAY, February 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Montague Elementary School.  Our featured speaker is Dr. David Patterson from University of Missouri.  He has developed five AI protocols and the Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program involving over 700 farms and 100,000 heifers in the South.

PDF 1/23/13
The Unintended Consequences PDF 8/22/12
Annual Cattle Tour Schedule

-Annual Cattle Tour scheduled to meet Thursday, August 23rd at Cowley Ranch, 9:30 am.

PDF 8/15/12
Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits

Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits
(Presented at Feb 23rd Cattle Health Meeting in Montague; Feb 24th in Cottonwood; February 25th in Eureka)

PDF 2/22/12
Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits

Artificial Insemination for Beef Cattle- Costs & Benefits
(Presented at Feb 23rd Cattle Health Meeting in Montague; Feb 24th in Cottonwood; February 25th in Eureka )

PDF 2/22/12
Cattle Health Meeting

Cattle Health Meeting on February 23, 2012 at Montague Elementary School at 7:00pm.

PDF 2/8/12
62nd Annual Cattle Tour

-Siskiyou County Cattlemen's 62nd Annual Cattle Tour

PDF 8/17/11
August 2011

-Crossbreeding In Two Easy Steps
-Cattle Tour (Dorris)

PDF 8/10/11
February 2011 -Pinkeye -Improved Cattle Performance and Capturing Financial Rewards PDF 2/16/11
November 2010 -New Cooperative Extension Office Hours -Coping with Constraints: Crossbreeding -Coping with Constraints: Cow Size -Red Books Available -Upcoming Meetings PDF 10/20/10
Cattle Health Meeting Cattle Health Meeting Beef Cattle Reproductive Health PDF 2/12/10
October 2009 -Cow body condition critical for reproductive performance -The cost of keeping it simple -Upcoming meetings PDF 11/13/09
July 2009 -Highlights from the Beef Improvement Federation Symposium -Carcass data for beef, sheep and swine at fair -Australian scientist to discuss drought management and cattle growth -Drought or limited irrigation and early weaning PDF 11/13/09
Australian scientist to discuss drought management Australian scientist to discuss drought management PDF 9/4/09
March 2009 -Cattle Improvement Symposium PDF 3/26/09
Cattle Health Meeting -Schedule for the annual Cattle Health Meeting PDF 2/13/09
October 2008 -Smaller cows or fewer cows? -Upcoming meetings and events -Redbooks available PDF 10/17/08
July 2008 -Unprecendented Change, New Challenges and Opportunities -Beef Quality Assurance PDF 11/13/09
March 2008 -EPD Accuracy -Cattle Health Meeting PDF 2/28/08
January 2008 -Sire Selection- Determining Goals & Beginning Preparation for Purchases -Cattle Health Meeting -Succession Planning for Ranching Families PDF 12/17/08
November 2007 -Carcass EPD Comparisons Across Breeds -Grass Fed Beef Standards -Prime, Choice and Select Spread -New Trichomonosis Laws in California PDF 9/1/08
September 2007 -Implications of Postweaning Nutrition on Carcass Characteristics and Feed Costs -Red Books Available -Sire Selection Symposium PDF 7/30/08
Annual Cattle Tour-August Cattle Tour PDF 7/17/08
January 2007 •Fall 2008 •Spring grazing of triticale •Buying heifer bulls •Cloning PDF 1/13/08
December 2006 •Individual Animal Identification •Selenium Deficiency •Feeder Sale •Red Books PDF 12/20/07
November 2006 -Feed Price Evaluations -Temperament of Cattle -Beef Quality Audit -Upcoming Meetings PDF 8/3/11
August 2006 -Cattle Tour -Animal ID Update -Youth Beef Carcass Awards PDF 1/3/08
June 2006 -Branded Beef -Premise IDs -Fly Control -Prepare Now for Spring 2007 Feed -Potpourri (Cattle Conformation; Fertilizing; Bedding for Steers) PDF 8/3/11
December 2005 -Premise ID Numbers -Adapting to Change -Seasonal Practices -Special Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 3/6/09
November 2005 -Alphabet Soup- Chicken Soup for the Beef Industry? -Premise IDs -Seasonal Chores -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2005 -Public Meeting on Draft Staff Report for the Scott River Watershed Sediment and Temperature Total Maximum Daily Loads -Artificial Insemination Symposium -Siskiyou County Cattlemen's Fall Meeting -Seasonal Activities -Red Books Available PDF 1/13/08
September 2005 -Artificial Insemination and Reproduction Symposium -Raising Replacement Heifers -Enhancing Marbling Potential -Cow Longevity -Feed Efficieny PDF 8/3/11
October 2004 -New Products May Rely on Production Verification -Special Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
December 2003 -What's most important? -New EPD's -Non-Irrigated Grasses -Re-Certification for Beef Quality Assurance -Ranch Water Quality Plan Short Course -Cattlemen's Feeder Sale -Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2003 -Bull Effectiveness -FAA- New fertility test for bulls -Non-irrigated Grasses -Fall Dinner Program -Carcass Quality Genetic Tests PDF 8/3/11
March 2003 Triticale Grazing Management Research Results of Simulated Spring Grazing of Triticale County of Origin Labeling-COOL Red Books Available PDF 8/3/11
October 2002 Dryland Triticale & Triticale Seed Costs Brand Inspectors Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference Rice Straw Still Works Special Feeder Sale PDF 3/19/09
January 2002 Ranch Plans for Improving Water Quality Workshop Timely Topics Red Books Available Calendar PDF 6/12/08
June 2002 Pinkeye Therapy for Cattle Grazing Management Pays Big Dividends Calendar PDF 6/21/09
May 2002 Fly Control Calendar PDF 8/3/11
December 2001 Crossbreeding: How Much Are You Missing? PDF 7/22/10
October 2001 Will more water in the river improve temperature conditions for cold water fish? PDF 1/2/08
August 2001 Drought Continues Siskiyou Select Multi-Breed Bull Sale Cattle Tour 2001 PDF 12/5/07
May 2001 PDF 12/1/08
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