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Pest Management Seminar (480KB)

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019

Location: Miner’s Inn Convention Center

122 East Miner Street, Yreka CA

Cost:  None, Free to the public

PDF 11/21/19
Growers Seminar Tomorrow! (480KB)

Attached is information regarding the upcoming Growers Seminar which will be held at the Miner’s Inn Convention Center on Friday, February 17, 2017.


We welcome your attendance.


Thank you!


Office Manager

Siskiyou County Cooperative Extension

1655 South Main St

Yreka, CA  96097

Phone:  530-842-2711


PDF 2/16/17
Pest Management Seminar (651KB)

Pest Management Seminar to be held on Thursday, December 15th at Miner's Inn.  Please see attachment for agenda details.

PDF 11/21/16
Fall 2016 (614KB)

-Fall is a Good Time to Think about Weed Control

-Forage and Grain Winter Cereal Yield under "Dryland" Conditions

-Winter Wheat Results

-California Alfalfa Symposium in Reno, NV (Nov 29- Dec 1)

PDF 10/25/16
Pest Management Seminar (106KB)

Sponsored by Siskiyou County Agricultural Commissioner's Office and UC Cooperative Extension.  (See attached flyer)

PDF 11/30/15
Spring 2014 Issue (561KB)

-  Check the Soil pH Before Planting Alfalfa

-  Alfalfa Variety Selection and Trial Results

-  Getting the Most Out of Sprinkler Irrigation

-  Getting the Most Out of Fertilizer and Pesticides during Drought

PDF 4/24/14
Fall 2013 (448KB)

Siskiyou County UC Cooperative Extension Office Update


Fall Management of Pastures and Grass Hay Fields in Drought Years


Cereal leaf beetle found in Klamath Basin: Will it affect your operation?


Tips for Controlling Thistles


Foothill Abortion Vaccine Status Update


Winter Wheat Variety Results


Dramatic Increase in Hay Exports


PDF 2/24/14
Do Four Cuttings of Alfalfa Use More Water than Three? DOC 8/21/13
Pest Management Seminar (221KB) PDF 11/28/12
Fall 2012 (605KB)

-Fall Irrigation of Forages—is late season irrigation necessary?

-The 2012 California Alfalfa and Grains Symposium

-Winter Wheat Variety Results

-Alfalfa Production Costs

-Fall Management of Irrigated Pastures and Grass Hay Fields

PDF 9/26/12
Spring 2012 (312KB)

-Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Practices on Spring Wheat Protein Content
-Late-Season Nitrogen Application Timing and Fertilizer Source
-Alfalfa Seeding Rates
-Alfalfa Variety Selection

PDF 4/4/12
Spring 2011 -Which Should You Use: Urea or ammonium sulfate? -Comparison of Small Grain Hay Varieties -Another Bad Stem Nematode Year -Is Roundup Ready Alfalfa Higher or Lower Yielding than Conventional Alfalfa? PDF 4/13/11
Spring 2010 Alfalfa Variety Selection Gopher Control Strategies for Farming with Limited Water Life's too short-put that cell phone down PDF 4/8/10
Fall 2009 -Fall Irrigation of Forages?-Generally- it's not needed -Winter Wheat Results -Improving your Odds of Porfitability, theme of Multi-state Western Alfalfa and Forage Conference -2009 Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference-Schedule/Registration PDF 10/9/09
Spring 2009 -Spring Farming Tips in a Drought Year -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Getting the Most Out of a Glyphosate (Roundup) Application -How Much Nitrogen Fertilizer Should You Apply to Your Spring Cereal Crop? PDF 3/26/09
Spring 2008 -Skyrocketing Fertilizer Costs -Dyer's Woad (Marlahan Mustard) -Spring Irrigation Suggestions PDF 7/30/09
Winter 2008 -The Latest of Yellow Starthistle and Fiddleneck Control -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Tips for Dealing with Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices -Does it Pay to Fertilize Perennial Grass Hay with High Nitrogen Fertilizer Prices? PDF 3/6/08
Spring 2007 - Basics of Organic Crop Production - Economics of Nitrogen Fertilization of Grass Hay - Now is the Time for Yellow Starthistle Control - Update on Roundup Ready Alfalfa: Court Ruling, Initial Field Experience, and RR Varieties PDF 3/13/08
Fall 2006 -Upcoming Meetings -New Tool for Controlling Thistles -Fall Fertilization of Alfalfa PDF 9/9/09
Spring 2006 -Those round spots that aren't growing in your alfalfa- Stem Nematode? -Alfalfa Variety Selection -Late Spring Forage Planting: What should I plant? -When to Treat for Weevils PDF 8/3/11
Fall 2005 -Triticale Variety Selection -Winter Cereal Results- Barley, Wheat, Herbicide-Resistant Wheat, and Triticale -California Alfalfa Symposium Program PDF 7/1/08
Summer 2005 -Invasion of the Armyworms -Roundup Ready Alfalfa Approved -Regulatory Compliance Education Project PDF 8/3/11
Spring 2005 -Saving Seed: Past, Present and Future (Is it Legal? Is it Wise?) -Alfalfa Weevil Season Approaching: Discussion of Preliminary Data -Alfalfa Market Update for 2005 -Even with Record High Fertilizer Prices- You Cannot Afford to Skimp on Fertilizer PDF 10/2/08
Summer 2004 -Pigweed and Lambsquarters in Established Alfalfa -Alfalfa Hay Market Update -Field Day in Tulelake Focuses on Irrigation Management (July 29, 2004) -Predicting Dew Point Temperature for Baling PDF 8/3/11
March 2003 Funding Available for Water Conservation Improvements Pasture Fertilization Suggestion Controlling Puncturvine (AKA Goatheads) Alfalfa Variety Trial Results from Scott Valley and Tulelake Proposed UC Budget Cuts PDF 3/13/08
Summer 2002 Forage Field Day - Tulelake Noxious Weed Free Forage & Mulch Program New Products Registered-Raptor & Steward Alfalfa Acreage & Price Triticale - Time to plant PDF 2/4/08
Spring 2002 Alfalfa Cost Studies Raptor Registration Bad Weevil Year Control Yellow Starthistle PDF 2/12/09
Fall 2001 Still time to plant winter grasses Using the Internet Fly Ash for Ag use Alfalfa Sumposium PDF 10/29/08
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